Teaching yoga to children with autism/autistic children and other special needs is easy using this visual how-to handbook. Breaking down yoga instruction pose by pose, body part by body part, breath by breath, this book uses easy-to-understand language and clear photographs to show parents, teachers, yoga instructors, and other professionals how to introduce the life-long benefits of yoga to a child with special needs. These benefits include gaining greater awareness and understanding of the body, learning to self-regulate the nervous system, and developing coping skills to work through difficult emotions such as anger and anxiety. Creative yoga games, activities, relaxation exercises, and chair yoga poses are included to make learning yoga a fun, interactive, and calming experience for children with a wide range of abilities.




©C.A.L.M.M Yoga Toolkit! A curriculum for children of all abilities. This curriculum will support parents, educators and others to support the visual, kinesthetic, auditory and sensory needs of neurodivergent children. This curriculum helps teach yoga poses, breathing strategies, body awareness and how to identify and cope with difficult or uncomfortable emotions. Game deck, large print visuals and Instruction cards for yoga poses, breathing strategies, communicating/releasing difficult emotions and chair yoga included. Great curriculum to support all children in finding their CALMM. Available on the website now!! The curriculum provide visuals and tools to easily implement a yoga program in the home, school or 

studio setting. 


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