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A Yoga Curriculum/Toolkit for children of all abilities. This curriculum helps teach yoga poses, breathing strategies, body awareness and how to identify and cope with difficult or uncomfortable emotions.
Included: Game/Choice deck 57 matching yoga cards/ 114 total (4 x 4) with game suggestion and instructions, 57 large print visuals (8.5 x 8.5), 55 instruction cards for yoga poses, breathing strategies, communicating/releasing difficult emotions and chair yoga (8.5 x 5) and 10 emotions cards (8.5 x 5). The cards are appropriate and interesting for all ages. Illustrations are unique, creative and one-of-a-kind. Total 236 cards. Plus 5 sets of lavender/left, red/right -I can feel C.A.L.M.M bracelets to support directional concepts! Great step-by-step curriculum for helping children find their CALMM! There is nothing like this product on the market for teaching yoga, mindfulness and breathing to children. Hours of fun, breathing, communicating, socializing, stretching and much more! Developed with SEL (Social Emotional Learining) goals in mind!

C.A.L.M.M Yoga Tool Kit

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