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2 - Body Sensations Posters (11x17)

1 - Where do I feel Sensation in My Body poster (11x17)

My Body Sensations worksheet (front and back)


Visual tools to support body awareness, building sensation vocabulary, identifying sensations in the body, interoceptive awareness and self-regulation.


The body sensations posters are great visual tools to support children and teens with building sensation vocabulary and identifying body sensations. The Where Do I Feel Sensations in My Body poster is a great visual to help children identify which body parts and areas of the body they are experiencing sensation. Print out the Body Outline worksheeets so children and teens can draw out what sensations they are feeling and where they feel the sensations.

My Body Sensations and My Body Parts Posters with printable body outline

  • The posters and body outlines can be a supplemental tool to the

    My Body Sensations Curriculum! Purchase both and you have a complete Body Sensations package with visuals and exercises to explore physical sensations and emotions!.

  • Purchase the C.A.L.M.M Yoga Toolkit along with the My Body Sensations Products to explore emotions, breath, movement and visualization and to support body awareness, sensory integration, self regulation and self empowerment.

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