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Yoga, Neurodiversity, Diverse Needs

Teaching yoga to neurodiverse children and children with diverse needs is easy using the visual handbook. Breaking down yoga instruction pose by pose, breath by breath, this book uses easy to understand language and clear photographs to show how to introduce lifelong benefits of yoga to all children.

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Yoga Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Sensory Processing & Trauma

Integrating yoga, somatic movement and other therapeutic modalities to support children and teens with complex needs, including anxiety, depression, trauma, neurodiversity, sensory processing challenges, movement disorders and scoliosis.

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C.A.L.M.M Yoga Products

Visual Yoga Toolkit and full curriculum with large print Visual Cards, Instruction Cards, Game Deck, Instruction Booklet and Colored Wrist Bands for directional concepts. Supplemental Activities to Support Inclusion and Accessibility, My Body Sensations Curriculum and more.

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