Leonie Molina Gonzales is a San Diego native who was first introduced to yoga in 2009. She loves that yoga is low impact and therapeutic, but shows so much results both physically and mentally.

Leonie has a passion to help people and likes using her creativeness to do just that. She has almost 5 years of working in a clinical setting at a local hospital and enrolled in Asanas for Autism and Special Needs with Shawnee to gain more knowledge on how to help people cope and heal holistically. After completing the restorative portion in Shawnee’s class she was mesmerized at what it did for her well-being and could only imagine what it could do for others. She made meditation eye pillows for her yoga-training classmates for fun and realized how beneficial it was for them. She was determined to share her gifts with others, which is how Leonie Lemon was born.

Leonie works diligently and with great pride in creating handmade restorative pieces to help people rest and relax. In addition to creating restorative pieces she also creates thoughtful products to help reduce waste. Sewing is a form of meditation to her and prior to completing the Asanas for Autism and Special Needs training she had wondered, daydreamed and hoped that there would be a way for her to incorporate sewing into yoga. Now she incorporates her sewing skills, yoga knowledge, compassion through being a nursing assistant and her years of studying Psychology to help people find calm and peace in their busy minds!